The co-enquiry is a workshop format developed to challenge and question participants notions of what makes a future, in turn developing new preferable futures worth spreading.

We use design as an exploratory tool, in order to depict the possibilities associated with new and emerging technologies. Through an entanglement of narratives we paint a picture of a tomorrow, imagining objects, artefacts and systems starting from the very small and peculiar and reaching towards a broader bigger picture. In doing so we will critique the cultural and social implications of these aspirations, whilst reflecting heavily on the present status quo.

VVFA methodology articulates 2 approaches: – 1. Collaborative world creation, as an inspirational strategy established around scientific, social and ethical questioning. – 2. Reverse archeology, or the embodiment of narratives into designed artefacts, services, and other design interventions.

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Constituent processes for VVFA co-enquiry
(Processes can be tailored and combined to setting and host specification) :

Ideation, information layering, timeline/mapping
Analysis, critical evaluation
Performance, real-time enactment
Story Mining, underlying narratives of a broader context
Audio fabrication, soundscaping and recording
Location response, role playing within a real space
Object/Icon, design implementation and materiality