Coming Soon
School of Machines Making and Make Believe
with Casa Jasmina / Officine Arduino, Turin, Italy

Ideation Story mining Object/Icon

VVFA ran the one month long residential program ‘Coming Soon’ hosted in the research lab Casa Jasmina in association with Office Arduino and organised by the School of Machines, Making and Make-Believe, exploring the fictions and possible future impacts of IoT connected devices.

With invited guests including Iohanna Nicenboim, Jasmina Tesanovic, Regine Debatty, and Bruce Sterling co-enquiry participants developed a series of futures from developed context through to the fabrication of working prototype objects, along with detailed exploration of their possible adoption and impact.

Projects included the ‘Empathy Bomber’ by Monique Grimord. Situated in a speculated near future where genetic home gardening, hormonal engineering and biological contraband have become the weapons of choice, two bio-hacking activists have perfected a compound that releases intense doses of oxytocin; a hormone which creates feelings of contentment and increases bonding. Through its execution the project explored the role of activist and spectacle in public space.

‘Hidden communications' by Matt Visco looks at the ways in which objects are embedded with subtle forms of communication and the ways in which through their own behaviour smart objects can affect our behaviour.
‘Growing Trash’ is a smart waste bin that grows taller as it is filled, promoting a sense of laziness, leading to an ultimately hopeless end.
‘Unread cats’ is a chrome extension that populates your browser window with cat videos based on the amount of unread emails you have. This extension encourages a laziness in its user by distracting him or her into not read their emails and watch cat videos instead.