The Extreme Land
Association Ramdom, Gagliano del Capo, Puglia, Italy

Ideation Story mining Performance Location response

VVFA were invited by arts organisation Ramdom to run a co-enquiry for 15 artists hailing from 5 continents as part of the Default 17 Residency taking place in Salento on the south easternmost tip of Italy.

Participants developed contexts and characters into future narratives. Following the story mining process the group travelled to a ‘new’ location within the Puglese landscape where participants were invited to re imagine their crafted narratives in response to the extreme southern Italian landscape, resulting in a series of location specific performances.

Performances took place in and around a disused underground grain silo, projects included a dance workout intended to help understand and integrate oneself within the landscape, a fictitious dialogue between an individual and their cloned self, and a staged walk exploring the relationship between landscape and modes of contemporary and future consumption.