Fabricating Empathy
School of Machines Making and Make Believe
ACUD, Berlin, Germany

Ideation Story mining Object/Icon

One month long residential co-enquiry run by the School of Machines Making and Make Believe exploring possible future scenarios asking what kinds of human emotional and empathetic responses, and new situations could arise from humans venturing into the very very far away.

Over the first week of the co-enquiry participants identified detailed contexts which over the course of the remaining month, working with VVFA and Fablab Berlin, they prototyped and developed physical artefacts and electronic devices.

Devices included Theresa Reimann-Dubber’s ‘Anticipating Vanity’ a wearable device anticipating a future nostalgia for terrestrial aesthetics, Rachel Uwa’s ‘Kissing Machine’ offers future users new intimacies between human and machine and Martyna Marciniak’s ‘Other - courtship dance device’ imagines new aesthetic experiences choreographed through bodily responsive wearable devices.