Fabricating Fictions
Space Art and Technology, London, UK

Ideation Story mining Performance Audio fabrication

The fabricating fictions series of co-enquiries was developed by VVFA as part of Space Art and Technology’s public event program running from 2015-2017.

The series of one and two day workshops examined topics including extra terrestrial resource exploitation, notions of future aesthetics, and new governance systems with a wide range of participants. Co-enquiries explored ideation and world building, story mining and narrative development culminating in live aural performances with additional live audio illustration.

The co-enquiry starts with a detailed development of contexts to which key characters and motivations are added over the course of the session. Following this ideation process key moments and instances from within the developed contexts are identified in a process of story mining. The final parts of the co-enquiry has taken various forms over the course of the series, as narratives are developed, recorded and performed through script readings, responsive performance of scripted narrative and recorded narrative, complete with detailed audio illustration.