Parallel Worlds
Central St Martins, BA Ceramics, Product Design, Graphic Communication Design, London, UK

Ideation Story mining Performance Object/Icon

Should we accept and subscribe wholeheartedly to the top down approach dictated to us by big tech firms and technological advances, or can we start to inform our relationship with this, thus re-addressing the power balance?. Could more critical design lead to increased democratisation?

Large format VVFA Workshop where 300 BA students were invited to create parallel worlds exploring and introducing ways in which we can use design to probe and ask questions of the status quo rather than simply designing solutions. Groups were asked to create a parallel world exploring one of 5 themes - Accountability, Media Responsibility, Privacy, Technology for law and order, and Technology for Social Interaction, following initial world building exercise the groups were asked to disseminate and describe their world through written manifesto and physical flag.