"Objects as narratives"
On Dublab, 2-4pm PST - 04.03.2019
Live performance of a narrative essay on design methods and objects as embodiment of narratives, taking the transportation systems in Los Angeles as starting point
Past events:
Sugarhouse Studios (22/09/18)
Broadcast for London Design Festival 2018, from Assemble's Sugarhouse Open Studios. Programming included -- a presentation by designer and researcher J. Paul Neeley on Speculative Design's Normalisation -- a special sci-fi mix by A---Z (artist Anne Duffau) -- ‘What were you expecting?’ a radio play by artist and lecturer at Goldsmiths university Nicholas Mortimer, followed by a conversation with David Frayne author of The Refusal of Work -- a reading of The Ascent, a play centred around a simulated plane crash, written by artist, designer and assistant professor at SAIC, Ilona Gaynor -- conversation with Nicole Lhuillier, researcher at MIT Media Lab, where we'll discuss her work and collaboration with Daniela Catrileo, Nampulwangulenfe / Mapunauta.
DIY Space for London (02/11/17)
Broadcast as part of Sympoiesis - A night of music symbiosis organised and hosted by Disapore. Programming included -- conversations with Lou-Atessa Marcelin co-founder of Diaspore -- Amina Abbas-Nazari, designer of interactions, speculative systems and sonic fictions -- a live improvised performance of 'Sightseer', an examination of human relationships to a not too distant future.
Victoria and Albert museum (23-24/09/17)
Broadcast from the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of Digital Design Weekend 2017. Programming included -- a DJ set by Maria Lisgorskaya (Assemble) exploring space music from the soviet era -- a session from dublab.com resident DJ Jasmin Blasco -- conversation with designer David Benqué and astrophysicist Dr Roberto Trotta about 'predicting the future form the stars’ -- interview with Elliott P. Montgomery, design researcher and co-founder of The Extrapolation Factory -- Designer, researcher and space dreamer Joseph Popper -- Dr Garnet Hertz discussing critical making and disobedient electronics.

Plus live performances of 'Sightseer', a design fiction by Jasmin Blasco, Andrew Friend and Sitraka Rakotoniaina, exploring the social implications of easy access to space, supported by Worms, a collaborative noise, performance, and installation project.