Familiar Unknown

VVFA lead the autumn series of reading sessions at Jupiter Woods Gallery exploring and examining existing treaties and rules shaping the collective imagination in order to propose more “democratic” alternatives, culminating in the final performance of a proposed utopia.

Lunar Denizens

Inspired by New School Policy and Design for Outer Space's (NSPDOS) Human Considerations, an opening attempt at figuring out long-term Moon dwelling in a conversation between inter-disciplinary thinkers, ery ery ar way (), an international collaborative platform for the democratization of future narratives, and the Santa Fe Institute's InterPlanetary Project present a deeper exploration into a selection of moments and ideas in an attempt to build a catalogue of the lunar ‘things’ that are yet to be imagined.

Re-Imagining Outer Space

Outer space offers a different scale and perspective for exploring Earth-related issues and shaping understandings of the “real world”.

An Inventory of Objects that haven't been invented yet

Working with 30 postgraduate MasterStudio students at the University of Northwestern Switzerland over two sessions spread over two months VVFA developed a very detailed set of contexts and narratives which were firstly developed into a series of radio plays.

Imagine If

Imagine If’ invited visitors to London’s Tate gallery during the Tate and Institute of Imagination’s ‘Festival of imagination’ to imagine firstly what they might like the future to be like, and then develop how pieces of it may look, and finally how it might sound.

Another Excellent Waiting Room

The multimedia installation ‘Another Excellent Waiting Room’ corresponds with the launch of the pilot episode [EP.0] of the VVFA podcast, crafting a combined physical and virtual representation of spaces detailed within the podcast.


Sightseer is an experimental participatory performance, originally conceived as part of VVFA’s inaugural live radio broadcast at the V&A museum.