Through an entanglement of narratives ery ery ar way () attempts to reimagine futures on earth and beyond; alternate and far away landscapes built upon objects, systems, rituals, myths and things. explores the potential for speculative artefacts to shape future cultural politics and aspirations on and off planet, starting from the very small and peculiar and reaching towards broader ideas.

is a public facing research project whose direction and organisation have grown organically through collaborations, it favours a methodological openness to encourage creative explorations beyond any particular framework, craft, or sense of aesthetic. As such, is an eclectic endeavour interested in entertaining a diversity of imaginations.

At its core, consists of an on-going co-enquiry which takes the form of a facilitated co-design workshop, where the collective experience, the multiplicity of perspectives and stances come together to form a locally shared library of knowledge, from which unexpected narratives may emerge to characterise newly imagined futures.

Since its inception has worked internationally and with a broad range of institutions, to implement a process of guided speculation aiming at democratising a future often depicted as techno-centric and monocultural.

With a focus on space exploration and deep time horizons, as devices to shape the speculation, this project isn’t concerned with prediction but uses worldbuilding as a way of thinking critically and reflecting on the present status quo, revealing more about our current prejudices and attitudes.

uses fiction for imagining narrative protentions, where design becomes an exploratory tool and medium to probe ideas; a process of imagining things that embody the world within which these things exist. As such design as narratives is a semiotic practice akin to reverse archeology, where the main outcome is the manufacture of meanings.

hopes to engage the collective imagination, and help cross-reference future potentials and paradigms shaping our understanding, eventually leading to a more holistic perception and perhaps bring the distant future into a more familiar unknown.

If you are interested in hosting a co-enquiry or a potential collaboration please contact us at