"Normal Now"
An experiment in world-building,
live from the confinement of our homes
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Past events:
A More Familiar Unknown, Late at Tate Britain → From Tomorrow (07/02/20)
We took our nine-person instrument to the Tate Britain, and work with the public to imagine potential futures for learning and education. A live broadcast from Tate Britain, where the public explored and performed how tomorrow might feel. Prior to the performances, the audience was presented with 5 different "endpoints" located in a future; their tasks were to reverse engineer the paths taken from today.
A Familiar Unknown, Jupiter Woods (17/12/19)
In this final Forest Rangers event, we invited the public to participate in a live broadcast from Jupiter Woods where we performed stories written in previous sessions that consider possible collective futures for outer space dwelling. Designed by Andrew Friend and Sitraka Rakotoniaina from V.V.F.A, participants were invited to plug into a ‘nine-person instrument’ each playing one of nine synthesizers to generate a soundscape for alternative space migration.
If you don't organise yourselves, you will be organised, Goldsmiths University (18/10/19)
A series of sonic fictions written and created by 3rd year BA Design at Goldsmiths. The result of a week long workshop run at Goldsmiths University with the 3rd Year BA design students, as part of their accelerator month. The students created a series of radio plays looking at multiple societal issues in critical and playful ways. This is an edited version of the broadcast, few performances are missing, as we couldn't accomodate all of them in this archive. Apologies! The performances included in this edit are: Techno Pussy, Jellypocalypse, Tomato, Badassrobot, Catch the Whale, Money Voice, Turing test, Funky Pigeon, Project Yellow Submarine, Waste Wonderland
Objects as Narratives, Dublab (04/03/19)
Live performance of a narrative essay on design methods and objects as embodiment of narratives, taking the transportation systems in Los Angeles as starting point. On Dublab, 2 - 4pm PST - 04.03.2019
Sugarhouse Studios (22/09/18)
Broadcast for London Design Festival 2018, from Assemble's Sugarhouse Open Studios. Programming included -- a presentation by designer and researcher J. Paul Neeley on Speculative Design's Normalisation -- a special sci-fi mix by A---Z (artist Anne Duffau) -- ‘What were you expecting?’ a radio play by artist and lecturer at Goldsmiths university Nicholas Mortimer, followed by a conversation with David Frayne author of The Refusal of Work -- a reading of The Ascent, a play centred around a simulated plane crash, written by artist, designer and assistant professor at SAIC, Ilona Gaynor -- conversation with Nicole Lhuillier, researcher at MIT Media Lab, where we'll discuss her work and collaboration with Daniela Catrileo, Nampulwangulenfe / Mapunauta.
DIY Space for London (02/11/17)
Broadcast as part of Sympoiesis - A night of music symbiosis organised and hosted by Disapore. Programming included -- conversations with Lou-Atessa Marcelin co-founder of Diaspore -- Amina Abbas-Nazari, designer of interactions, speculative systems and sonic fictions -- a live improvised performance of 'Sightseer', an examination of human relationships to a not too distant future.
Victoria and Albert museum (23-24/09/17)
Broadcast from the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of Digital Design Weekend 2017. Programming included -- a DJ set by Maria Lisgorskaya (Assemble) exploring space music from the soviet era -- a session from dublab.com resident DJ Jasmin Blasco -- conversation with designer David Benqué and astrophysicist Dr Roberto Trotta about 'predicting the future form the stars’ -- interview with Elliott P. Montgomery, design researcher and co-founder of The Extrapolation Factory -- Designer, researcher and space dreamer Joseph Popper -- Dr Garnet Hertz discussing critical making and disobedient electronics.

Plus live performances of 'Sightseer', a design fiction by Jasmin Blasco, Andrew Friend and Sitraka Rakotoniaina, exploring the social implications of easy access to space, supported by Worms, a collaborative noise, performance, and installation project.